Monday, 25 September 2017

Vintage textiles ..... Upcycled, repurposed or just plain recycled

As a young child and out in the shops with my mother I would reach out to stroke all kinds of textiles and more often than not be told not to touch, but I couldn't resist. I loved the feel and texture of sumptuous velvets and the delicate silks, cold crisp linens and delicate lace, bumpy wools, scratchy tweeds, shiny,  glittery metallics, gauzy floaty chiffon and stiff bouncy taffeta even waxy bendy leather and buttery smooth suedes, the list is never ending.

As an artist I love to use many types of mediums in my work, albeit for my art work or soft furnishings or even within costume design. I've currently emersed myself in soft furnishings. I always loved working with quilted fabrics and incorporating creative embroidery within the composition. With so much surplus embellishments to be found like buttons and labels and even stockings and suspenders there is no end to ones creative fervour. Just lately I have unearthed much of my vintage stash of antiques fabrics, laces and notions to see just what I actually have. You could say I can't see the wood for the trees.

 I have been really tough on myself and gathered many of my beloved faded floral fabrics,  quilt scrap pieces and decorative quilts and taken them off to sell at vintage fairs. They have been a big hit and it's quite obvious that there is a new generation of faded pink and floral quilt lovers out there.  I used to sell at fairs years ago but I have noticed that buyers are now not really interested in the provenance of the quilts or the condition the more worn the better. 

I keep my most favourite quilt scraps and fabrics to make all sorts of items, pillows, lavender pin cushions, ornaments and bags and purses.

But even that can become overwhelming and the only solution sometimes is to make a sign.