Friday, 2 June 2017

Country Castle

The entrance to Amberly Castle

If I ever need some inspiration for my art or design  I like to head for country homes and castles with their beautiful architecture, gardens and finery. I am  lucky that right on my doorstep I have a couple of Castles that never loose that appeal.

There is Arundel which towers over a quaint town filled with antique shops and interesting little shops and is the obvious tourist stop off but not far from there is Amberley Castle, nestled in the little village of Amberley. Amberly Castle is my favourite, only because its got a cosy feel and you can walk around the gardens and feel how it might have been to live there once upon a time. It's a hotel and the other week I visited for afternoon tea. It was a delightfully sunny warm day and the white doves and peacocks were out in force, a truly magical place.
With a croquet lawn

A lovely long driveway

The inner wall

The inner court yard

The view from a balcony on the far side of the castle

Beautiful old windows

Peacocks around the castle
Shaking his tail feathers 

Afternoon tea - sandwiches devoured, making our way to the cakes.